Bunion Treatment Essex

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Bunion Treatment in Essex

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bony prominence on the inner aspect of the base of the big toe. Bunions are extremely common in the United Kingdom.

What causes a Bunion?

The cause of bunions remains uncertain although they seem to be more common in families where bunions are prevalent and there is some evidence to suggest that wearing narrow shoes may also be a cause. A large number of patients with bunions do not require surgical treatment. It is only when they become painful and when conservative treatment is unsuccessful that surgery should be considered.

Bunions normally coexist with hallux valgus; a condition characterised by the big toe drifting off towards the second toe. Provided that there is no arthritis in the big toe joint, surgical treatment for bunions involves removing the bony prominence and also correcting the associated hallux valgus deformity by cutting and realigning the bone; an operation known as an osteotomy. Mr Russell performs three different osteotomies ; the chevron, the scarf and the basal osteotomies to treat the spectrum of bunion deformities which all have good results in the scientific literature. The type of osteotomy recommended is dependent on how severe the deformity is.